Pounamu Hei Matau Manaia

Carved in gorgeous Marsden Flower Jade this pounamu Hei Matau Manaia is a lovely twist on traditional forms. The creamy rind on its outer curve gives it a real feeling of life and movement. A simple classic taonga with a really lovely feeling about it. This pounamu Hei Matau Manaia taonga would suit male or female, young or old and be a beautiful family heirloom.

⭐️A one-of-a-kind taonga by Timoti, so you can be assured your taonga is as unique as you are.

⭐️88mm length x 58mm wide

The Story

Living on an island covered in lakes and rivers, Māori life depended upon the food sourced from the awa and moana. Māori were, and still are, skilled fisherpeople with extensive knowledge of all water life and how to catch it. They developed a variety of matau, each with different functions to lure and catch the various fish available to them.

Hei matau speak of someone who is a hard worker, and provider for their whanau, doing the mahi to feed and provide.

As the symbol of a tool that would subjugate water creatures, they are also believed to provide safe passage over water and so are a wonderful gift for the fisherperson in your life or someone who loves to travel.

Equally the Manaia is a guardian and guide. Manaia are messengers between the realm of mortals and the spiritual world. Wearing one is believed to protect the wearer from evil and connect you with the spirit world.  With the head of a bird, tail of a sea creature and body of a human they bring balance between the sky, earth and sea.

The Hei Matau Manaia was a natural culmination of the two.


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