Whiro – Tangiwai Marama

Whiro, the new moon.  Whiro is named after the god of darkness and chaos.  In the Maramataka it is a day for rest, for being kind to oneself, for being with loved ones.  So while there is the darkness of whiro there is also the pleasure of resting and taking care of ones self.

All Māori life – planting, harvesting, fishing working, resting, navigating and travelling – revolved (and for many still revolves) around te Marama and his phases.  Marama dictates when the new year begins and gives guidance on what the year ahead may look like.  Marama is essential to the balance of life.

Every iwi has its own stories about Marama.  Tim was brought up with the knowledge that Marama is both male (Marama) and female (Hina).  Just like wahine here on earth, Marama follows a monthly cycle.  Every month Marama is struck with disease and, as she begins to wane, Marama is consumed with the sickness.   When at her weakest Marama bathes in the life-giving water of Tāne.  We witness the waxing Marama as her vitality is being gradually restored.  And so Marama again begins the cycle of death to rebirth, darkness to light.

At just 30mm and elegantly slim this sweet little pendant would be a lovely gift for your tamariki. But it would also be a lovely elegant little piece on an adult as well.

  • One of a kind taonga by Timoti
  • Tangiwai pounamu from Te Tai Poutini
  • 30mm diameter


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