Manu pounamu – natural pounamu pebble

As we wander the awa, listening to the Kōriroriro and Pipiwharoroa and letting our minds go where ever they need to, we very occasionally stumble upon small pounamu pebbles that complete taonga in themselves. When you pick up these small taonga you know they have to stay just as they are.

Tim gently shaped this pebble taonga to let it’s inner beauty out and a Manu in itself.  Manu are birds. Take a look through the photos, do you see its reaching beak as it trills waiata through the ngahere?

This pebble still bears its scars and flaws, but it is beautiful because of them.  The rough red skin tells us it is vulcanised, which means it has been kept cooking under the earth for a much longer time than most pounamu.  Its speckled green interior is the “batter”.  Just the right mix of minerals, heat, time and pressure create this ātaahua Vulcanised Kokopu pounamu.

Manu pounamu has so much character and depth.  Once you hold this taonga in your hands and play with it you will see why these pounamu pebbles are so special. Your very own Manu pounamu pebble to fly with you on your journey.

  • Vulcanised Kokopu pounamu pebble gathered by us from the awa of Te Tau Ihu
  • Length 80mm x 45mm 
  • Truly a one of a kind taonga by Timoti


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