Kotuku – elegant pounamu pendant

This elegant pounamu pendant evolved from a wee nib Tim cut from the tip of a stone. The result was this beautiful free form taonga that decided to take shape as a Kotuku(White Heron). A Nephrite base with bright green inclusions of chromite and dendrites swirled through it, this piece really does look like it could take flight. A graceful and elegant piece that feels wonderful in the hands. This taonga would add elegant charm and an important story to any outfit.
Length 105mm x 22mm max width

The Story
The Kotuku(White Heron or Great Egret) is a magnificent bird of large size and with clean white plumage. A rare and sacred bird, Maori considered it good fortune to see a Kotuku even once in a lifetime. Furthermore, with its clean white plumage, graceful loping flight and elegant form, likening someone to a Kotuku was considered a great compliment. Consequently, the Kotuku feathers were highly prized by Maori and used to adorn the heads of chiefs. Later, when Europeans arrived in Aotearoa, this graceful white bird was nearly hunted to extinction to satisfy the demand for elegant feathers to adorn women’s hats. While the population remains small they are now a protected species and their numbers are listed as ‘stable’.

Note: thank you to ordinarygood blog page for the Kotuku photo


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