Cirrus Toki

Cirrus, the highest clouds that grace Ranginui. A co-joining of the two brothers, Tangaroa and Tawhirimātea.  This ataahua, wispy cloud formation is embodied within the taonga.

The toki itself has become a symbol of strength(particularity in time of adversity), courage and fortitude as it had to be strong to endure the cutting and scraping motions of its use.  Toki were also worn by elders as a symbol of power, wisdom and authority.

Tim gently rounded the edges of this toki, giving it a more feminine, organic, art nouveau style.

This kohatu is Botryoidal Diopside.  Pure Botryoidal Diopside of this quality is a rare find. It is very hard and was used by Māori a hammerstone.

  • One of a kind taonga by Timoti
  • Botryoidal Diopside from Te Tau Ihu
  • 47mm length x 35mm width


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