Chatoyant Inanga Pebble – Mauri touch stone

When you hold this pendant in your hand you will understand what is so important about this Inanga pebble.  When Morganne found this Inanga pebble in the awa we could feel its strength and knew it would be a beauty – and it is! This piece is a beautiful example of Inanga Pounamu. Silvers and creams with a hint of green, it reminds us of the changing faces of the weather…or the complexity of the universe. With a chatoyant face you can really see into the depth of this taonga. A simple piece of polished Inanga pounamu from here in our awa in Nelson. It has a solid presence about it and is wonderful to touch and hold.  One of a kind taonga to wear or to have as a touch stone to carry heavy mauri.

80mm Length x 48mm wide x 10mm deep



Out of stock


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