Whakaparirau – Black Pounamu earrings

Long, slim and elegant, these earrings are simply stunning style.  Put on your best dress, pull your hair back and let your earrings do all the talking for you as they exude grace and elegance.  We set these on 14k rolled gold hoops which set off the deep black colour and allows them to move and float in your ears.  We promise you will stand out from the crowd in these one-of-a-kind beauties.

  • One of a kind, hand-carved pounamu earrings
  • Length, 110mm total. Pounamu, 92mm
The Story

Whakaparirau means to be equipped with wings.  The dragonflies aerodynamic wing is unlike anything man has been able to make. Ultra-thin, long and powerful, the wings are built for speed, agility, gliding and support the full weight of the dragonflies long bodies.  These earrings have been made to reflect that and our hope is tath when you put them on you will be equipped with the same energy as that of the dragonflies wings.


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