Whakaniko Matakahi te Tahi – Unique pounamu earrings

He iti te matakahi, pakaru rikiriki te tōtara

A wedge may be small but it can break up the tōtara into fragments.

As this whakatauki so aptly describes, although small a wedge can make big changes.  Similarly, we can all be like that. A small act of kindness, a gentle word spoken, a little forgiveness. We can be the wedge that makes big changes for the better in the lives and the world around us. These unique pounamu earrings were carved to be beautiful reminders of the power we hold as individuals to be a wedge of change for the better.

Tim deliberately left the outer edge raw so you can see, touch and enjoy the outer rind of the pounamu.  And remember that there is beauty in everything. Furthermore, the stunning swirls of colour uncovered in this stone testify to this beauty

Hung from sterling silver hoops these pounamu earrings are quite mesmerising as they swing and move in your ear.  They add a pop of unique style to any outfit.  Have a look through the photos to see how gorgeous they are on.

 Finer Details

  • Pounamu gathered by us from Te Tau Ihu awa.
  • Length 85mm from top of hoop to bottom of pounamu.    Pounamu 50mm
  • Sterling silver hoops made by us.


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