Whakaangi – sleek black pounamu earrings

Elegant and stylish yet still playful. These sleek black pounamu earrings are glossy and gorgeous. Match these with a magnificent ball gown or wear them to complete your ‘little black dress’ outfit.  Wafer-thin, these earrings are lightweight and shift and move with you. You will be 100% uniquely you in these black pounamu earrings because this true black pounamu is rare and we have just a little bit.

Full-length, 90mm.  Pounamu, 72mm

We’ve hung these sleek black pounamu earrings from our handmade 14k rolled rose gold kidney hooks that have a little catch at the back so they can’t fall from your ears.


The Story

Whakaangi means to float and move freely, or to sail along. I couldn’t think of a better name to describe these black pounamu sail earrings, that is exactly what they do and exactly how they make you feel – floating free, sailing along with confidence and style.


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