Waka pounamu earrings

These silver waka pounamu earrings are simply a thing of beauty.  The light playing off the chatoyant silver makes the colour shift and move as they dance in your ears. Just like a waka on the water.

Waka pounamu earrings are the perfect gift for someone who is on a journey or who has worked hard and attained a significant goal. Perfect for an upcoming graduation, or for someone taking on a challenging new role or moving to new lands.

The Story

Waka are integral to who you are as a Māori.  Your waka named in your pepeha tells the listener of your whakapapa. It shows your place in a wider context, helping you to find common ancestral links and whanau connections, therefore building the relationship between the speaker and listener.  Waka

Likewise, as the vehicle that moved Māori around the Pacific Ocean, waka represent our connection to our ancestors, their tikanga and culture.  Waka pounamu speak of their great feat of navigating the pacific ocean, symbolising the skills and abilities needed to achieve such journeys without modern tools and machinery. As vehicles, they symbolise our own journey and the attainment of our goals as we move forward into the future.

  • One of a kind taonga by Timoti
  • Total length 80mm. Pounamu 57mm
  • Chatoyant Inanga pounamu from Te Tau Ihu


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