Tangaroa-ā-mua silver pounamu earrings

Funky, stylish, fun to wear. These earrings will set you apart from the crowd as the chatoyant silver pounamu flickers with movement. Harking back to cultures of old with the half moon shape and silver bindings, these will complete the perfect bohemian look or add some class to your everyday outfit.

The Story
Tangaroa is the god of the sea. But he is more than that. Māori believed that water is an energy with many moods. It can be calm, life-giving, dangerous or destructive. This energy is Tangaroa. When we find the moon in the position of Tangaroa-ā-mua (half-moon coming up to full) we know it is a good day to go fishing. These earrings reflect the sea, the moon and, with its chatoyant movement, the energy in both of them.


The finer points

  • We gather the pounamu ourselves, so the type of pounamu we have available to us is always changing depending on what the awa brings to us.  If you see something you love, to avoid disappointment we recommend you take the opportunity to purchase it while you can as we cannot guarantee the same colour pounamu will always be available to us
  • We make your porowhita taonga to order.  Individually hand-carved just for you.
  • Please remember that pounamu is a natural material so every taonga we make from this stone will be distinct due to the unique variations within the stone.
  • Please allow up to 10 days from your order to completion of your taonga.


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