Snow on the maunga – White pounamu earrings

What can I say about these earrings? I mean, you can see for yourself, they are simply stunning. The way the green mixes with the white making streaks of colourful loveliness, like snow on the native bush.  Then coming to these strong white points.  So, so beautiful!

These dazzling little beauties would look stunning with your most gorgeous evening dress, and equally stand out when you’re in your BBQ best.

Absolutely unique, we only have one other pair like this in a slightly longer style.

  • Total length 51mm. Pounamu 42mm
  • One of a kind pounamu earrings
  • Hung on our handmade sterling silver hoops so they swing beautifully.
The Story

Have you ever been up the maunga and seen snow falling on the native bush, like something from a magical fairytale?  That’s what these earrings look like, and feel like, to us – something ethereal and a little bit magic.


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