Pūkoho e ono- gorgeous pounamu earrings

Pūkoho is moss, lush green moss.  We couldn’t think of a better name for these little beauties. Don’t you agree?

Just have a flick through the photos and tell me you’re not in love!

Luscious green with incredible patterns.  Small and light enough that you can wear them all day every day without a bother.  But also big enough and beautiful enough that you won’t go unnoticed in them.

These earrings are also incredibly versatile.

Going to a BBQ? These earrings are perfect.

Going to work?  These earrings are perfect.

A night out on the town? These earrings are perfect.

Fancy dinner with the whanau? These earrings are perfect.

Just want some pounamu in your ears? These earrings are perfect.

I have a pair, I wear them all the time.  They have a lovely solidness to them.  And on those hoops, they swing and dance in your ears in a way that’s quite mesmerising.  These would make the perfect little pounamu gift for the earring lover in your life.

  • Tangiwai pounamu from Te Tau Ihu
  • 58mm from Hoop to tip. Pounamu 42mm diameter
  • One of a kind taonga by Timoti


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