Pouwhenua in stunning Marsden Flower Jade

This is a classic earring design that will never go out of style.  Tim has made them out of the stunning marsden flower jade. Just look at the photos, those patterns and colours in the kohatu – stunning is the right word for it? 

And they go with absolutely everything. Wear them for the school drop off, your work do, your mates BBQ or a classy night out.  These beauties will never fail you. 

These earrings are our nod to pouwhenua, the carved posts that mark territorial boundaries, ownership or places of significance.  

Pouwhenua are significant to Maori.  Pouwhenua tell a story.  Pouwhenua acknowledge the relationship between the people and the land.  They are often carved to tell the stories of the people of that area. In modern times these have included the Pākehā activities on that land.  You will find them standing tall all over Aotearoa.

Miniature pouwhenua for your taringa. The perfect gift for pretty much everyone!

  • One of a kind taonga by Timoti
  • 66mm from Hoop to base. Pounamu 49mm
  • Marsden Flower Jade pounamu from Te Tai Poutini


Out of stock


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