Patupaiarehe – magical pounamu earrings

Patupaiarehe are the mythical fair-skinned fairy folk that live in the mountains.  Tim grew up with stories of Patupaiarehe coming down as the mists, to then spend the day in the forest before ascending again with the evening clouds.  This stone, these earrings, represent those ‘mistical’ beings.  One side has a little more green peeping through when the paiarehe have descended to the bush.  While the other side reveals the white mists of their descent to earth.

Tim carved these earrings so that you will feel confident, balanced, beautiful when you step out in them.   With their angled edge bottom they sit gracefully against your skin.  These earrings flash and move in the light.  They are, quite simply, magical.

  •  Pounamu from Te Tai Poutini.
  • Length 134mm from top of hoop to bottom of pounamu.    Pounamu 110mm
  • Sterling silver hoops made by us.


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