Pareārau pounamu earrings

Pareārau or Hine-i-tīweka, also known as the planet Jupiter.  Have you ever seen those images of Pareārau, with its bands of colour and blazing storm ‘spot’? Have a look at these images here and you’ll see why these whakakai, with their swirls and bands of colour, could be nothing other then Pareārau.

This is absolutely a one of a kind Pounamu. We’ve never seen one like it before, and we can’t image we’ll ever see one again.  You’ll also want to get yourself a torch (your phone torch is perfect) and light it up behind this pounamu.  It is absolutely stunning. I could look at it for hours. The raw beauty of Papatūānuku. Stunning.

With only 5 pairs of these whakakai and each one of them so different, you’ll know that you’re earrings are truly unique. Just like you. ☺️

Pareārau is a female entity and her names might indicate that she is somewhat wild – Pareārau (Pare of a hundred lovers) or Hine-tiweka (wayward Hine). These names came about because at certain times Pareārau and Tāwera(Venus) sit together on the horizon, but over subsequent nights Pareārau appears to wander away.  Pārearau is the wife of Venus, however when she wanders away she is leaving her husband at home while she has affairs with other stars.

  • Raukaraka pounamu from Te Tai Poutini.
  • Pounamu 38mm. Tip to bottom 55mm
  • A one-of-a-kind taonga by Timoti.

💚Now every taonga you purchase helps us to carve a taonga for EVERY tamariki in care in Aotearoa. You can read more about our Tū Māia project here. Ngā mihi mahana for your support of this kaupapa!💚


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