Golden pounamu earrings – Korowai pins

These golden pounamu earrings will turn heads with their unique colour and length.  I can’t say much more than these earrings are incredibly beautiful, unique and empowering. It’s difficult to explain but when you wear them you feel all confident, strong and like the sexiest woman around!  We only have a small amount of this golden pounamu so if you would like your own little piece of this magic you will be amongst the lucky few when you give these stunning beauties a new home.

Only 2 pairs of these beauties available.

Length of pounamu 80mm, plus hook is 98mm total

We hand make our kidney hooks. These are 14k rolled gold with a catch at the back so they cannot accidentally fall from your ears.

The Story
Korowai are a cloak-like garment, made from woven flax. Sometimes long ‘pin’s were used to close the front securely.

Flower Jade is the name given to the pounamu with beautiful orange and gold markings. It’s unique beauty was formed as it was rolled and compressed, rolled and compressed under a glacier for many millions of years.  It was then deposited in the Marsden valley as the glacier melted and receded. While some do not desire the golden variations, we believe it creates a stone with character and unique style.



Out of stock


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