Ever wondered how a pounamu guitar pick would sound to your ears?

We had the absolute pleasure this week of having Zoe Scott of Foxtrots come stay with us. She’s a talented musician with a voice to die for and a beautiful soul to match. While here she decided to try her hand at carving herself a pounamu guitar pick. She achieved this with the easy smile and confidence that she applies to everything she turns her hand to in life and the outcome was pretty awesome.

A simple triangle shape sanded down to fine straight edges that really help the guitar round out the sound. Was Zoe happy with her work? Indeed she was, we absolutely agree with her when she says “It sounds so cool with the pounamu pick. You know, so punchy.”

Check out this video of Zoe giving her hand-carved pounamu guitar pick a whirl with her strong feminine sounds.  I think you’ll agree that the combination is soulful and strong?carving pounamu guitar pick

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