daugher and father holding whanau taonga
YES, we do bespoke, made-to-order, commissions! We'd love to work with you to create something magical and unique that tells your story.

Before we get started, come on in, make yourself at home - check out some of our past commissions, look around our website and our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Get an idea of, and a feel for, our unique style and be sure it fits with your vision. Off you go, take your time, we'll wait ...

Still with us? Great! 

One more quick, VERY IMPORTANT, thing before we dive in -

Carving is a skill honed over years of experience, working closely every day with different types of pounamu that all behave in different ways and that each throw up unique and quirky challenges to the artist. When you commission a piece it's based on your input, but ultimately, you must trust in the artist to interpret and express your piece as they see fit. 

OK, now that's out of the way
Here's how the simple 7 step process works:

1. Say it! Fill out this quick request form to give us an initial idea of what you're looking for. If it looks like we're the right fit for each other we'll send you a link to the next step, usually within 48 hours of receiving your request.  Fill out commissions request form here.

2. Book it! We're excited to invite you to visit us here at our workshop in Nelson, NZ. Select a time for your behind the scenes tour and personal consultation. Book it now!(If you can't travel to us, that's ok, we often do this part on the phone for our out of town and overseas clients). Book it!

3.  Secure your space!   Now we have the outline of your vision you need to secure your commissions space. After we've talked with you we will send you a link so you can pay your $300 non-refundable deposit and secure your place with us.



Now let's get creating!

3.Choose it!  Based on our discussion we draw up two designs for you to choose from and give you the choice of several stones hand-selected for your taonga  (*there may be instances where only one stone is suitable for your taonga).

4. Revise it! You've chosen the design and the stone!

Now's the time to communicate any adjustments or modifications you'd like to make to the design.  

We then make any minor revisions if needed and email images to you for final approval along with your quote for the completed taonga.   (If adjustments take more than one hour they will be charged out at $175p/hr).

From here there's NO TURNING BACK because once we start work on your custom piece you're obliged to complete the purchase.

5. Approve it! Woohoo! The final design and quote are approved, you get your invoice, (payable within 7 days), and we can begin carving your taonga! 

Now you simply sit back and relax while the magic happens. Have a cup of tea.

6.  Receive it!  Your beautiful creation is completed and we send it on its way into the hands of the one it rightfully now belongs with.


❤️Send us pics of your beautiful piece being worn. We love to see them on the person they were made for!

❤️Post your pics on Instagram and give us a shout out / tag us! 

❤️Write us a testimonial or review here


*All designs remain the intellectual property of Taonga By Timoti and cannot be reproduced without our explicit permission.

*All charges are in NZD and excluding GST

*Any personalised engravings will not be put on the taonga unless full and final payment has been made. 

*These pieces are bespoke and unique, we don't offer returns on custom items. (If for some reason we agree, outside of our normal terms and conditions, to allow return of your purchase, we reserve the right to sell it elsewhere at our discretion). 

Tim and Morganne, I want to introduce you to Vicky Whitlock. Last night we finally gave her the beautiful Taonga you created for her. I know you said you wanted photos of the ceremony but Vicky was crying and wouldn't let us take photos. I can tell you she absolutely loves it, a true hit!!

Thank you again for taking the time to create a truly magical piece,
we appreciated being able to thank Vicky for her leadership with such an amazing piece.

Scott Wentworth
Business Development Manager - Market Development,
NZ Trade And Enterprise

Vicky Whitelock wearing her pounamu pendant
Te waka ā Maui

I wanted to say a huge thank you for creating something so beautiful and meaningful.  I was truly touched by how much thought went into this gift and I will treasure it always. Thank you so much.
Kindest regards.
Vicky Whitlock - Trade Commissioner

Te Waka a Māui Pounamu pendant

Stern post of Te Waka a Māui, representing leadership, strength and forward movement in to new adventures and lands. When the pendant is housed on the stern post it represents a furled sail.  When it is worn it becomes a hoe (paddle).

The pendant is made from beautiful light green Inanga Pounamu. The stern post is carved from 170 year old heritage English Oak, one of the first planted by pioneers in the Nelson region.  The base is carved out of 700 year old Totara reclaimed from the river.


“We wanted a gift, a thank you for someone’s time and care. We also wanted something that was true, solid, organic, from times beginning, zero waste. We loved that we gave Tim the briefest brief and he came back with something so beautiful. So excited to be the giver of such a special piece of art and love.”
Ingrid Daff

jade music note commission for piano teacher

What folks are saying

"Thank you so much for my beautiful blue pounamu! It was love on first sight when I saw it on your website. I love stones of all kinds, be it rock or gemstones and particularly pounamu.

There are many reasons I am so happy to have this blue toki, one is because it comes from near the area I have lived myself in Nelson (even if for a short time) and another because I feel it links me to NZ and said area in a special way. Also it is important to me how things are made, it translates if they are made with love and respect and you guys do that!
The shipment arrived safely and unexpectedly quick in the UK!

I can't thank you enough for this beautiful piece of art and nature in perfect harmony! Maha nga mihi."
- Aneta S, UK

"My family and I travelled to the USA to visit with extended family and wanted to take a gift from New Zealand that really had significance and meaning. Timoti made us a set of beautiful pounamu pendants for the 3 adults and 3 children in our extended family. Made from the same stone the gifting of these was received with intense emotion and really connected our family across the distance of the oceans. Our family immediately wore these and have rarely taken then off.

Knowing we are always connected in this way has been a true blessing. Thank you Timoti for creating such a meaningful and special taonga for us to share."
- M Tukana

Tell us your story

We would love to hear your story and match it to a stone and a shape for you.