Whērangi/Uranus – Blue pounamu

This glorious blue pounamu Whērengi(Uranus)is carved from a single pebble.  A rare find from here in our awa. The colour are just stunning, and it holds a sparkly, silvery sheen that I can’t capture in a photo.  Suffice to say we can’t stop looking at it! A pebble such as this needs little done to it, we just helped its colour to shine through. One side has been left raw so that you can appreciate its natural, unaltered beauty also. With its natural curves and lovely round shape, this tactile taonga is great to hold, to rub and to feel its presence when you need grounding, strength or support.

Diameter 80mm

One of a kind taonga.

The Story

Whērangi, Uranus, the seventh planet from the sun. Whērangi gets it distinctive colour from the mix of water, ammonia and methane ice crystals in its upper atmosphere.   Uranus was also the primal Greek god that personified the sky. Hence blue Uranus was named as such. No other name seemed to fit this majestic blue pounamu taonga.


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