Poari Ngaru a Kiwa -Surfboard of Kiwa in Inanga Pounamu

A slim Inanga Pounamu pendant that represents the surf board used for riding the waves of Kiwa(the Pacific Ocean). A piece that would suit both the male or female surfing enthusiast with an adjustable neck cord that allows the piece to fit comfortably on any body. One can see a wave breaking over the front of the board and when back lit the board becomes a beautiful creamy orange. A unique gift for the surfer in your life or a way to reflect your passion.
The inanga stone this taonga is carved from was gifted to us and comes from the West Coast of Te Wai Pounamu O Aotearoa.
110mmx23mm with adjustable neck cord.

The Story
Surfing was(and is still) a favourite past time for Māori. Some iwi have oral histories of noted ancestral surfers, such as Te Rangituataka from Ngati Maniapotou. Māori surfed on slim Tōtara dugouts called Waka Kōpapa, Nga Puhi surfers rode a board called a Moki. They also body surfed
using hue(gourds) that they scooped under their armpits and used as flotations to body surf on the waves.


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