Blue pounamu Papatūānuku pendant

This unique blue pounamu pendant is sure to turn heads and have people asking questions. The porowhita is a simple design that allows the stone to do all the talking.  Feminine and strong, this piece symbolises Papatūānuku wearing her blue and green cloak, and the endless cycle of life, death and eternity.  With its reassuring size and edges that gently curve away this piece is lovely to hold in your hands and helps create a sense of calm if you are feeling a little discombobulated. My 11-year-old daughter(modelling this piece) said it made her feel safe and strong – from the mouths of babes!

The Story

Blue pounamu is rare, and stone like this is a once in a lifetime find. Most blue pounamu will change colour over time as it oxidises. The rind of this stone is the same colour as the inside which tells us that this blue nephrite will not change with age. Once these blue pieces are gone we will be extremely fortunate to ever find another taonga like it.


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