Totoweka pounamu earrings, Korowai pins

These Totoweka pounamu earrings will turn heads with their unique colour and strong shape. A very rare colour for pounamu, I can’t say much more than these earrings are beautiful, unique and I’d really like to keep them for myself!

The Story
Korowai are a cloak like garment, made from woven flax. Sometimes long ‘pin’s were used to close the front securely.

Totoweka is the name given to pounamu with red blood like streaks or spots. The red inclusions were likened to the blood(toto) of the weka. You can see these strong red streaks around the top of the earrings in the second photo. Totoweka is rare to find and while some do not desire the inclusions we know it creates a stone with character and unique style.

Length of pounamu 9cm, plus hook is 11cm total
We hand make our kidney hooks using sustainably sourced sterling silver. These hooks close securely with a small loop to ensure the earrings cannot fall from your ear.

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