Pounamu Maunga Earrings

If you are looking for earrings that make you feel confident and strong, a wahine toa, then these pounamu maunga are the earrings for you.  They are larger earrings with a strong triangular shape that represents your maunga.  The whenua of your ancestors.  Your connection from Papatūānuku to Ranginui.  The landmark of your home.  These pounamu maunga will connect you with your inner strength so you can go out feeling confident of who you are and what you’re about.   In gorgeous Tangiwai pounamu that glows when lit from behind(see photo with sunlit earrings on Millie), they’d look amazing at those summer BBQs.  Position yourself just right to catch the suns rays!  I guarantee that these earrings will turn heads – I have a pair myself and I’ve seen that they do!  If you want to radiate strength, beauty and boldness these earrings are definitely the pair for you.

30mm max width x 90mm(excluding hook) – made slim and light so you can wear them every day.

These earrings are on sterling silver kidney hooks that close on a hinge to ensure they can not fall from your ears.

The Story

Your maunga is so important to who you are that it is the first thing you share in your pepeha, or introduction.  Maunga are strong and resilient, they can be shaken but will not break.  They are shaped over millennia by weathering, just as we are shaped by our life experiences.  The qualities of maunga are timelessness, strength, fortitude, power, beauty, inspiration and honesty(maunga are unchanging).

Maunga are the heights of the feminine beauty of Papatūānuku.

Maunga are Papatūānuku’s tendrils of love, reaching high for Ranginui.  Ranganui always resides with Papatuanuku wherever her maunga pierce the veil of the sky.

Maunga are also the entranceway into Papatūānuku.  Maunga bring emotional stability and strength, for their roots go deeper than their height, down into the very heart of Papatūānuku.


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