Pounamu hoop earrings – small

Elegantly small pounamu hoop earrings in a lush green Kahurangi.  These wee cuties are fun, classy and just downright gorgeous. The square edge gives them a wonderful earthy feel.  And as they move they twinkle with light and, well, lushness!  I can’t think of any other way to describe it.  The brilliant green makes them a perfect highlight to that little black dress, or as your go-to earrings that will match practically any outfit. A special little gift that I guarantee will always go down well(unless of course, she doesn’t wear earrings!).

We only have ONE set of these small pounamu hoop earrings left in Kahurangi so if they are striking your fancy don’t hesitate!

Hung from our hand-made sterling silver kidney hooks that have a little catch at the back to ensure they cannot fall out of your ears.

These earrings are ready-made and good to go as soon as you buy them.
Diameter 40mm

The Story

Kahurangi is one of the rarest varieties of pounamu and held in particularly high esteem due to its translucency and clarity.  Kahurangi means to be as clear as the sky and is also something that is prized, treasured or precious.  Hence the stone is aptly named.


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