Niho – small Kahurangi pounamu earrings

These small pounamu earrings are carved from a beautiful piece of Kahurangi pounamu. In a stylised niho shape they add a touch of the unique to your outfit. Furthermore the brilliant kahurangi green, with the odd black speckle, make them something extra special.  These are just a sweet wee pair of earrings. Perfect for popping in your ears as you run out the door to work, or for adding a little sparkle to your Saturday mornings watching the kids at sports.  One-of-a-kind, these small kahurangi pounamu earrings will become uniquely you.

We have hung these earrings from our hand-made sterling silver kidney hooks that have a small catch at the back so they cannot fall from your ears.

The Story

Niho (teeth, from animals) were utilised by Māori in various ways, from fishing lures and weaponry to ornaments and needles. Due to their durability, strength and sharp points, they were an essential item for a people who lived off what the earth provided. These earrings are a nod to the niho that was an essential part of everyday life for Māori.


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