Kahurangi pounamu earrings

Quirky wee geometric Kahurangi pounamu earrings.  Tim created these earrings from offcuts because no piece of pounamu should ever be wasted.  As you can see in the photos they are the most magnificent green Kahurangi. These little cuties really speak for themselves.  Fun, quirky, original and just gorgeous, these Kahurangi pounamu earrings would make a great wee gift.

The Story

Kahurangi is one of the rarest and most prized varieties of pounamu.  With its brilliant green colour and translucent quality it is really no surprise.  Kahurangi is named after the clearness of the sky and has also come to mean something that is highly prized or precious. In the past, it was the prefered stone for making the blades of toki poutangata that were only owned by rangatira.


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